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The Great Giver with author, Erika Hayes.

Erika Hayes, Author


Author, The Great Giver


Erika Hayes lives with her cuddly family in Frisco, TX. She and her husband, Stephen Hayes, minister at Covenant Church in Carrollton, TX. Erika loves everything about Christmas, especially reading Christmas books at bedtime to her two kids, Isabella and Max. She even gets a little carried away and starts wrapping up Christmas books (old and new) like presents for the kids to open each night in December. The kids play along because it makes their mommy happy. The Hayes family hopes this book blesses your Christmas season!

Ashley Leal

Illustrator, The Great Giver


Ashley Leal is a passionate, determined creative. She has been working in this colorful world since 2006, starting out as a makeup artist and progressing in her career to work in production and design. The love of drawing has always been the heart of it all for her. The Great Giver project was especially exciting to be a part of. She hopes every page speaks to you and that you will return to this story each year. Enjoy!

Ashley Leal